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Caregiver Myth: It's My Fault If My Parent's Health Declines


The health of your elderly loved one can be uncertain, going up and down every day. If your elder’s health begins to decline while you are the main caregiver, do not blame yourself. This caregiver anxiety of health decline can make many feel guilty. However, you are not the reason your loved one is not as healthy as before. Learn some tips on calming caregiver anxiety.

What Is Caregiver Anxiety?

Caregivers often experience a form of anxiety where they feel at fault if their parent is experiencing a decline in health. They work hard to improve their parent’s health, but it’s often hard to accept that it’s out of their hands. First time caregivers may go through this type of anxiety due to a lack of experience. Many caregivers also feel helpless trying to find a way to improve their loved one’s health.

How to Bust This Caregiver Myth

Caregiver anxiety affects many caregivers’ mental health, as well as their physical health. They need a way to decompress this anxiety so it doesn’t affect them. To do this, they must understand their loved one’s health may decline naturally, which is not affected by caregiving.

Support groups

If you need caregiving help, it’s valuable to build your support system. Having a safe space for individuals with caregiver issues to discuss their situations is a great way to bust any caregiver myth.

During support groups, caregivers can listen to each other’s experiences and provide help to make caregivers feel they aren’t alone. A caregiver sometimes just needs to feel they are supported or have a safe space to express themselves and the issues they are having.

Senior services

An adult day care can offer the help for individuals experiencing caregiver anxiety. We can offer help for caregivers by allowing them to recuperate from providing care for their loved one. If they are feeling helpless, senior services for their loved one helps them understand what is happening to the health of their parent. Adult day care also helps them with techniques they can try or other ways to care for their loved one.

Dissolve Your Caregiver Anxiety at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers

We provide various types of senior services and elderly care programs to help caregivers with their disabled loved ones. At Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers, our staff will make your loved one feel like they are part of the family. Visit us to see our programs in action today!