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Caregiver Myth: I’m a Bad Caregiver If I Consider Adult Day Care for My Parent


Caregivers are often stuck between a rock and a hard place when considering adult day care for their loved one. They may experience guilt over putting a parent in adult day care. If you care about your loved one’s well being, but still need to work or tend to other priorities, adult day care serves as a place you can bring your loved one knowing they receive the attention and care they need. Transitioning to adult day care isn’t a step backward in caregiving—it’s a step forward for both the caregiver and the loved one.

Caregiver Myth: Guilt Over Putting Parent in Adult Day Care

Caregivers shouldn’t feel guilt over putting a parent in adult day care, and it doesn’t make them a bad caregiver. Adult day care serves as additional assistance for caregiving and a place for your elderly loved one to socialize with others in a caring environment.

Help for working caregivers

Caregivers who work often find it difficult to balance caregiving and work, but adult day care helps caregivers. Caregivers can go to work peacefully knowing their loved one is in the good hands of the staff at the senior care center. Their loved one also begins to enjoy the social activities and start to look forward to the next day activities.

Caregiving break

It’s important for caregivers to care for their health first to be a better caregiver. Placing your loved one in adult day care gives you some time to revitalize yourself. Some centers even offer caregiving services to help new or veteran caregivers with new ways to care for their family member. It is completely okay to care for yourself first to ensure you are giving your loved one the right love and attention.

Consider Elderly Care Today

Don’t shy away from considering the idea of adult day care. Feel less guilt over putting your parent in adult day care. Elderly care programs at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers will treat and care for your loved one in the best possible ways. They’ll socialize with others and most importantly, have FUN! Visit our centers today to experience the quality care we provide the elderly and disabled.