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Caregiver Myth: Caregivers Never Need a Break


Many people believe caregivers cannot take a vacation. Their responsibilities sometimes keep them from having some well-deserved time away. This caregiver myth couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Caregiver vacations are possible and a great way for a caregiver to take a small break to recharge. They can use this time to enjoy some time to themselves and a much-needed break from caregiving. While a caretaker’s work never ends, it is important they have a chance to have a vacation.

Caregiver Myth: They Never Need a Break

It’s important for a caregiver to step away from caring, so they won’t overwhelm themselves. Everyone needs a break sometimes just to get out and see a new place, and caregivers are no exception.

Plan your vacation with time

Taking a vacation while caregiving requires time to plan. How will your loved one be cared for while you’re away? Pick your vacation dates, and begin to prepare for your loved one’s care while you vacation.

Create a checklist with important documents, a care schedule, and other daily tasks you do every day. This will help your substitute caregiver understand the day-to-day of aiding your loved one. You’ll feel more comfortable going on vacation knowing your loved one will be cared for the right way.

Look for quality care

Once you have a vacation plan, begin looking for quality care options for your loved one such as care in-home and outside the home. If you want to keep your loved one in the comfort of their own home, ask a relative or a licensed care aide to come care for your loved one while you’re on vacation.

 The out-of-home options, such as adult day care centers, are also a great idea to get your loved one to socialize with other individuals. Care outside the home can also be an option for a relative who may not have time to care all day but can take care of your loved one at night.

We Are Here to Give You a Break

We understand all caregivers need a vacation. At Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers, we give caregivers peace-of-mind while on vacation by offering personalized day care programs aimed at providing your loved ones with quality care. Contact us to learn more about our services in action!