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Caregiver Myth: Caregivers Can't Work Full-time


Can a person truly work full-time and still care for their elderly loved one? Here’s yet another caregiver myth we’re going to put to the test. Caregivers can get the support they need to balance their job and caregiving duties. But do the effects of caregiving prevent a person from finding a good work-life balance? Elderly care is a form of caregiver help aimed to help those who are working and caring for their elderly loved one.

Caregiver Myth: Caregiving and Work Don’t Mix

For those people balancing work and caregiving, there is always a supporting hand available for you to get some relief. It’s important that you reflect on the caregiving situation and express any feelings you may have. The caregiver myth can remain a myth when you find your balance.

Speak with your employer

The first step in finding caregiver-work balance is speaking with your employer to inform them that you’re taking care of an elderly loved one. Most employers will offer paid leave or sick days. Some even offer a 12-week unpaid leave if needed.

Sometimes, caregiving can affect your work performance if you overexert yourself. It’s important to talk with your employer about part time work hours or other work options they may have for you. Prevent a burnout from work and caregiving by taking care of yourself first.

There is always help

Adult day cares are the caregiver myth busters. We’re here to help caregivers avoid a burnout from caregiving while working. During the hours you work, an adult day care can care for your loved one. You can go to work knowing they will be taken care of in the same loving ways you care for them. If your loved one is hesitant to transition to adult day care, let them know you have the best intentions.

Busting Caregiver Myths with Adult Day Care Services

At Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers, we offer caregivers the opportunity to avoid burning out while balancing caregiving and work. Our adult day care services will make you feel confident your loved one will be cared for in the best way possible. Stop by today to see our services in action!