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Care Options Your 18-Year-Old with Special Needs Will Enjoy


Do you need better care options for 18-year-olds with special needs after they finish school? When children have special needs, it’s often easy for parents to find daily care options and support within the school system. However, parents often wonder where they can take their special needs adults once they come of age.

As these children grow out of the school system, many parents suddenly find themselves with far fewer options than they had when their child was young. “Is there a place I can take my 18-year-old with special needs for care?”

Luckily, you won’t have to go far to find care for your loved one with special needs. Care centers and other care options are available if your child still needs daily support even after they officially become an adult.

4 Care Options for Special Needs Adults

Parents know their job doesn’t end when your child turns 18. This holds especially true for parents with special needs children. These parents know their child will likely be dependent on special programs and treatment for the rest of their lives. Help for parents of disabled adults can reduce the parent’s stresses about care. But where can I take my adult with special needs for care?

Family member

Family members serving as a caregiver to your loved one with special needs is the least expensive form of daily care. Many adult children continue to live at home with their family members acting as their primary caregivers after they complete school. It is also beneficial because your loved one won’t have to become accustomed to a new caretaker as they already are familiar with you.

As many as 76% of people with developmental disabilities live at home with their family. It is estimated that the average age of the adult child living at home is 38 with their caregiver family member aged 60 or older.

Long-term care facilities

Some special needs adults require 24/7 support from trained staff and healthcare professionals. In these cases, some parents feel more comfortable leaving their child in a live-in, long-term care facility. This option can often be quite costly, so look for the best facility before committing your child long-term.

Professional caretakers

These professionals are great to have if your child has an increased level of need and you are unable to care for them 24/7. These caretakers are trained to help special needs adults while their parents or guardians take a break to run errands or work. However, this option becomes quite costly, and it takes some time to find a caretaker who is a good match for you and your child.

Adult day care

If you don’t find a good match for a caretaker, a great special needs adults resources is an adult day care. This is a perfect place to teach your loved one basic skills while getting the care they need. This is also a great option for parents with children who need daily assistance but they still work and cannot be there all the time.

Many adult day cares offer beneficial annex programs and special needs adults day program to keep them active and always learning. Programs like this keep your loved one active and social while building a daily routine they will look forward to.

This is also an excellent choice to go for after your child is no longer in school, as these adult day care programs typically run during school hours and later. This care option for 18-year-olds with special needs is affordable for those looking for quality care.

Care for Your Loved One with Special Needs at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers

If still haven’t found the right care options for your 18-year-old with special needs in Las Vegas, look no further than Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers. We provide a fun and positive environment your loved one will enjoy. We also offer programs and services, like annex programs, to keep them active and social. We bring the fun at NADHC, so visit us to see it for yourself!