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Brain Game: Memory Exercises for Seniors with Alzheimer's Disease


Do you remember? Since June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Health Awareness Month, it’s important to keep our minds active and remain curious about learning new things. If your loved one suffers from dementia, try some memory exercises for Alzheimer’s disease.

 Memory activities can be a helpful way to keep a brain functioning as well as it can. There are even brain training apps to help keep the brain active every day. As long as the gears in the brain are spinning, you’ll be closer to keeping your brain healthy.

Memory Exercises for Alzheimer’s Disease

It’s never too late to keep your brain active and practice memory retention. If your loved one has Alzheimer’s disease, perform these exercises with them, so both of you are taking part to keep your brains healthy. These activities and exercises can keep your brain working; they’re great to do with a loved one.

Crossword puzzles

Once you’re done reading the morning paper, take a try at the crossword puzzle. Crosswords will keep memory abilities high. Crosswords and other puzzles stimulate a different part of your brain and will keep your nerves healthy and functioning. If you and your loved one can figure out the crossword questions, your brains can start retaining more memories and information.

Child’s play

Keeping your imagination and creativity levels high at any age will help invigorate your mind as well. What a better way to get your imagination running than to play with children? Young kids tend to have vivid imaginations and can help with brain health. Play with your grandchildren or any children in the family. Have a few adventures with them. Let them take you to a creative and imaginary land, and it will keep your brain stimulated.

Brain Training Apps

In this modern age, we have unlimited access to applications on our smartphones and tablets. While many apps are available, specific ones can train your brain and track your progress every day. The following brain training apps can help keep your brain active:


One of the best-known brain training application, Lumosity, will offer you scientific and cognitive games for the improvement of your working memory. The app will provide you with activities to invigorate your mind daily.

Fit Brains

An app brought to you by the well-known language learner, Rosetta Stone, Fit Brains gives you access to 360 puzzles and games designed to get more difficult as you progress.

Dakim BrainFitness

Work out for a healthy brain. Dakim is a web-based brain training program that can help you reach brain goals to improve your cognitive brain performance. The exercises will help with memory and organizing your thoughts more quickly.

Brain Healthy Activities

We want your loved one to stay active. At Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers, we provide our seniors and disabled adults with a wide range of invigorating activities to keep them active. Stop by today to see all the action!