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Benefits of Music Therapy in Adult Care


Music therapy is, in the simplest terms, a musical form of healing. This type of therapy is thought of as an alternative form of medicine, but one that’s been proven to work in more ways than one. CPR Certified states that “the beauty of music therapy is that it helps people in a physical, mental, emotional and social way.”

music therapy with guitar and wood background
How does musical therapy help those in adult day care facilities? 

By definition, music therapy is the clinical use of music interventions to accomplish individualized therapeutic goals. Music therapy is more than just playing music in the background for patients, hospitals and schools. Music therapists require a bachelor’s degree or higher and must hold the MT-BC credential to practice. They must be knowledgeable in music, psychology and medicine, proving that music therapy is an evidenced based form of therapy with a strong foundation in clinical research.

Music therapy varies from person to person, diagnosis to diagnosis. Some forms of music therapy will have people sing along to the music while others will have music playing in conjunction with a person’s thoughts/movements. Music therapy is commonly used to help people with speech impediments, memory problems and physical balance. It is also known to help people combating chronic pain because it helps to take their mind off the pain and focus on music instead.

Music therapy is known to provide emotion healing, helping people with stress and self-esteem problems. Solid research supports that music is good for the mind. It stimulates brain waves, making the brain sharper and stronger. This kind of brain activity helps develop a positive mind-state while decreasing stress and even lowing blood pressure.

Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers provide our clients with music therapy regularly. We love music in our adult day care facilities, and you can often catch us having dance parties with our clients. We have music therapy sessions with a trained music therapist every month, and we have music and exercise hours on a weekly basis. We believe in music therapy and our clients love it. After all, there is nothing like a little music to help brighten anyone’s day.