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Benefits of Annex Programs


board game at the activity center

At Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers, our annex programs are activity centers for the intellectually disabled and elderly. Here, they can participate in hobbies or activities to keep them active, engaged, and social. Participants will not only look forward to visiting the activity center, but they will also begin to recognize and remember the center and the memories they will create there. Read to learn about more benefits of our annex programs.

The Benefits of Adult Annex Programs

Sometimes, the best medicine is to move around or be around good friends. Annex programs are great opportunities for members of an adult day care to socialize with the other members. It also gives them a chance to do activities that get them to learn something new or simply do an activity they love to do. Check out some of the benefits of having an annex program at an adult care center.

Room to grow

Each day is a chance to learn something new. With annex programs providing plenty of activity options for their participants, there is a chance for them to still try something new. It will get them to explore new interests or activities they may have never tried before or thought they would enjoy. Annex programs are also dedicated to education. We enjoy giving our clients the opportunity to learn something new!

Finding your niche

We offer an array of activities to our participants. This makes it easier for them to find the activity they’re most comfortable with. We give them the opportunity to showcase a talent they may have never thought they had. It can serve as a self-esteem booster to make the participant feel proud of what they have tried and have been successful doing.

When our clients participate in our annex programs, they receive the following benefits:

  • Emotional: The activities will give your elderly or disabled loved one something to look forward to and will create a positive memory for them.
  • Physical: Activities will help with their sensory skills and keep them active. These include both physical exercise and things as simple as working on motor skills.
  • Cognitive: There are so many activities that participants can do for mental stimulation. That is the importance of getting the participants to do activities in the annex program so that they can stimulate their mind, work on self-expression. and build a stronger attention span.
  • Therapeutic: If participants suffer from being anxious, we offer activities to help calm those feelings. Therapeutic activities such as gardening can also become a way for participants with memory to loss re-discover something they may have enjoyed before.

Social hour

Once our participants get into the routine of going to the activities daily, they’ll look forward to socializing with other participants, and we hope that they will create friendships amongst themselves. They can bond over similar hobbies and activities and become a support system to each other. There will always be someone there to listen to what’s going on with them and help if they can. Socializing can be good medicine to those who may just want to talk to someone.

Celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries, and events will make participants feel important, because they will see their friends and families and feel the support they may have thought didn’t exist. It will also get them excited and look forward to an upcoming special event and see their friends celebrating with them.

Center of Activities for Your Loved One

Annex programs are a great way to feel comforted that your loved one will be among friends and will always have an activity that they will look forward to. If you are interested in finding an adult care center or an annex program for your loved one, visit the Nevada Adult Care Healthcare Centers to discover the elderly services that we can provide for you.