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Annex Program Helps Differently Abled Adults: Twinkie's Story


At Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers, we focus on stimulating, rehabilitating and socializing our adult care participants, and one way we do so is through our Annex Program. A classroom for intellectually disabled adults aged 18 and over, the Annex Program allows clients to learn and fully participate in activities like singing, dancing, games, and more. Such activities keep participants busy, engaged and cognitively stimulated all day.

Ideal participants for the Annex Program include adults with disabilities like autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, seizures, or other mentally challenged individuals.

Meet Twinkie, an Annex Program enthusiast, and her mom, Candy.

Candy reports that Twinkie, “Loves it here. She absolutely loves it here. They call her the princess,” Candy says, laughing.  She loves the attention that they give her. She loves the fact that she gets to move around in her chair.” Candy says Twinkie gets to be herself at the Annex Program. “She gets to do the things she loves to do, which is be happy, and love on people. She’s a very loving child.”

Candy also reports that Twinkie wasn’t sleeping well throughout the night before coming to Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Center. That stems from her cerebral palsy, but now, Candy says, “They’re wearing her out!”

Because of the numerous activities scheduled each day, Twinkie is able to sleep peacefully throughout the night.  

She’s also made huge strides in physical strength. She’s standing now with the help of our physical therapy service and use of our standing frame. Now Twinkie stands more and can help her mom get her into her wheelchair easier. Candy says Twinkie’s experienced a wonderful change since she decided to put her in the Annex Program full time since January 1, 2016.
Do you have a loved one that you think may benefit from our adult care Annex Program? See what activities and other services we can offer differently abled adults. If you’re interested, we’d love for you to visit one of our four different locations so you can get a feel for our adult care programs and different daily activities at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers. See first hand how we can make a difference in your loved one’s life.