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Adult Daycare Myth: Everyone at an Adult Daycare Is Sick


Everyone always wonders, “Do you have to be sick to go to an adult daycare?” The impression of an adult daycare has always been a dull place for those who are very ill, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. These centers are helping many elderly and adults with special needs become independent and active.

Adult daycare centers provide patients and their family members help with caregiving, nutrition, and medical needs. Not only the ill are welcomed at these senior centers, but they also accept anyone looking to improve their daily lives better.

Changing the Impression of Adult Daycare

Have you discovered the significant benefits of adult daycare centers but your elderly loved one is having trouble thinking about the transition to them? Many believe going to an adult daycare is a permanent move, but it is there to provide daily help for both parents and their caregivers.

What is an adult daycare?

When a caregiver needs a break or goes back to work, an adult daycare serves as a place for them to bring their loved one. The centers have staff with thorough experience in caring for not only the elderly but individuals with special needs. Adult daycares help parents with special needs adults find a place for their child.

Adult daycare factoids

Saying everyone at an adult daycare is sick is like saying everyone at a doctor’s office has a cold or everyone at a birthday party likes chocolate cake. Or everyone at a train station is afraid of airplanes. You see how ridiculous it sounds when applied to other situations?

Here are the adult daycare facts:

  • The centers are diverse where all clients have different abilities.
  • Some disabled adults and seniors are almost fully-functioning.
  • Provide fun disabled and elderly daycare activities.
  • Adult daycare for senior citizens and disabled adults benefits both the caregivers and their family members.
  • Disabled adult and senior day programs improve health in some cases.

Socializing at its finest

When you care for your loved one at home, they only socialize with you and other family members. Social activities for seniors are essential, so they begin to have more things to look forward to every day. Most pastimes at an adult daycare are made to get the patients active and socializing.

New types of therapies used often

The old impression of adult daycare couldn’t be further from what happens there. The use of new kinds of treatments like music therapy, are helping many individuals in ways never thought possible before. Individuals who are in an adult daycare center have the advantage to try out these new therapies and see the success of them.

Let Us Change Your Idea of Adult Daycare

Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers is helping improve the impression of adult daycare. We offer new types of therapies in our Expressions Program and many social activities to get our patients pumped every day. Visit us at one of our centers today!