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Adult Day Care Myth Busted: Schedules Are Enforced



An adult day care center is a place where disabled adults and seniors can socialize while taking part in several fun activities and enjoying delicious meals. If you’re a caregiver to your disabled loved one, you may have researched adult day care centers as an alternative form of care. You’ve undoubtedly read some scary stories about adult day care centers that are not true, especially at Nevada Adult Day Care Centers. We’d like to set your mind at ease by taking on one of these common adult day care myths.

Adult Day Care Myth: Schedules Are Enforced

Among the adult day care myths, one of the most common is that schedules are enforced, with no room for variety or socializing. Structured activities for seniors provide an atmosphere where socializing is more comfortable and fun for your loved ones; however, we don’t force anyone to participate in an activity they aren’t interested in.

We carefully plan a variety of individual and group activities for the elderly. So no matter what your disabled loved one’s interests and hobbies are, there’s an activity in which they will enjoy participating. Our activities include:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Socialization
  • Daily exercise
  • Paint classes
  • Bingo
  • Loteria and other games


We serve breakfast, lunch, and a snack. Each meal is pre-plated, and we offer alternative choices in case your disabled loved one doesn’t like anything we are serving that day. 

Our disabled adults and seniors deserve the opportunity to be independent. Thus, we love being able to provide our seniors with options for activities and meals.

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At Nevada Adult Day Care Centers, our activities educate and stimulate your disabled loved one, while improving and maintaining their level of functioning. Contact Nevada Adult Day Care Centers and find out how we are busting adult day care myths every day!