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Adult Day Care Myth Busted: Caregivers Aren’t Allowed to Participate



Caregivers come to an adult day care center for several different reasons, but they all have one thing in common: they need caregiver support. The myth that caregivers aren’t allowed to participate couldn’t be further from the truth. The adult day care facts are: centers are not only a social day care for the elderly and disabled adults but a social place for caregivers, too.

Adult Day Care Myth: Caregivers Aren’t Allowed to Participate

Caregivers are the most important people in their disabled loved ones’ lives. So, adult day care centers try to involve them as much as they’d like to be involved. It’s comforting for disabled family members to have the reassurance that their caregiver will still be heavily present in their lives, especially during the transitional phase of entering an adult day care center.

If attending some activities or visiting the adult daycare facility brings peace of mind to caregivers as well as their disabled loved ones, then it’s more than allowed—it’s welcome.

Adult day care facilities offer caregiver support

At an experienced adult day healthcare center, caregiver participation is always allowed. Here are the adult day care facts about caregiver participation and support that might surprise some skeptics:

  • Caregiver participation can provide support by connecting with other caregivers
  • Activities are always open to caregivers and family members
  • Caregiver attendance creates a family atmosphere
  • Staff welcome the comforting presence a caregiver brings

Discover the Truth at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare

The adult day care facts contradict all the negative myths you may have heard but don’t take our word for it. Visit our website to find out all the ways we encourage caregiver participation or call us at 702-319-4600 today.