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Adult Day Care Myth Busted: Adult Day Care is Glorified Babysitting


For senior citizens and disabled adults who want to continue living at home but cannot afford an in-home caregiver, adult day care is an excellent option. Adult daycare services help these individuals maintain a sense of independence and socialization while still living at home with their loved ones.

Many people don’t realize the benefits of adult day care services, however. Whether it’s due to stigma or horror stories from how nursing home used to be run, there are a lot of adult day care myths many people believe but simply aren't true. At least when it comes to Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers, they aren't true. We’d like to take the opportunity to discuss these adult day care myths and help set the story straight for families who can benefit from adult care services for their loved ones.

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Adult Day Care Myth: Adult Day Care is Glorified Babysitting

Calling adult care services glorified babysitting is one of the most popular adult day care myths around. Many people who don’t know the extensive amount of services offered at an adult daycare facility will mistakenly compare it to babysitting for seniors or the disabled. However, adult daycare facilities provide so much more than what any typical babysitter can provide their client. Some of the services offered that babysitters cannot provide include:

  • Different therapeutic services, including music therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy all provided in the same place
  • Daily nursing services for seniors and adults with disabilities
  • Social and recreational adult day care activities with other seniors and/or disabled adults throughout the day
  • Access to hot, healthy meals, as well as daily health education programs
  • Mobile health services, including mobile dentistry and podiatry services

Everything we do with our clients at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers is for a therapeutic purpose. Whether we’re playing board games, exercising, planning social outings or carrying out health-related therapy, our clients’ independence and quality of life are the first priorities. You can’t find these therapeutic programs in regular babysitting or in-home caregiving.

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Adult daycare facilities provide elderly and disabled adults the chance to do more than just watching TV all day. The education, socialization and stimulation we provide at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers keep our clients active and happy for a long time. Learn more about our adult care services at Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Center by visiting our website and stopping by to take a tour of one of our three facilities in Las Vegas.