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Adult Day Care Activities for Disabled Adults


Adults with developmental, intellectual and physical disabilities that inhibit daily living skills sometimes have a hard time getting around. However, being active and social is still just as important for adults with disabilities as it is for adults without disabilities.

If you are caring for a loved one with a disability, get them involved in day care for adults with disabilities as a great way to ensure they get important daily activity and socialization. For those times when they cannot attend an adult day care program, the following ideas can inspire new ways to get active with a disability.

Activity ideas for adults with disabilities

- Music. Music is a great way to keep everyone entertained and involved in different ways. Some people can dance to music, getting in good exercise. Others can clap to music if they cannot dance. Everyone can play the game "Freeze," where you move around to the music and when it pauses, you pause too.

- Artwork. By using crayons, paint, or any other artsy materials, everyone can participate in creating some artwork. For example, you can collect rocks and paint them for a picnic. Ever heard of circular art? By passing around all the artwork and adding a design or drawing, everyone gets a chance to participate in adding to everyone else's creations, making for some beautiful collaborative art. There are plenty of other great art projects everyone can be a part of, you just have to do a little research for new ideas.

- Scavenger hunt. This activity takes a little prep-work, but if done right, can be a fun game for everyone. You can create scavenger hunts indoors with hidden objects, or outside with things found in nature.

- Guided movement. Similar to guided meditation or yoga, this a great way to provide everyone with an opportunity to stretch, breathe and relax. Everyone can participate in this slow paced movement, doing whatever they physically can without feeling left out.

- Crafts. Similar to artwork, crafting is a great activity for people with disabilities – as long as you choose the right kind of craft. For example, fan making is a great and simple craft that most can do, and will be useful in the hot summer months. Other craft ideas include braiding rope, creating signs for upcoming activities and scrapbooking.

These are just a few simple ideas to inspire new activities to try with your disabled loved one. If you are looking for a day care center for adults with disabilities, consider Nevada Adult Day Healthcare as a daily alternative for your loved one.