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Adult Care for Adults with Disability


Adult day care is a cost effective alternative method of care for both senior citizens and adults with disabilities. While adult care is a popular method of care for senior citizens, it is not as commonly known as an option of care for those suffering with physical and/or mental disabilities. Many families caring for those with disability tend to feel alone and unsupported by their communities and society at large because of the lack of funding for this population and emotional support for the families.

For many families caring for a family member with disabilities, the financial burden of long term care with little assistance is difficult to overcome. Adult day care programs, such as Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers, offers an option for these families at a fraction of the cost of home care and other assisted living alternatives. Federal subsidies and Medicaid can help cover the cost of these programs as well, helping to ensure families who cannot afford these services are still able to receive them in their time of need.

About two-thirds of adults with disabilities rely solely on family caregivers, causing significant strain on family units across the country. As those with disabilities grow older, they tend to need more assistance that family caregivers cannot always provide. An estimated 12 million Americans were in need of long term care in 2007. Of those numbers, 3.7 million people were under the age of 65. These are the people with disability severe enough to require daily assistance, and the families caring for them become less able to handle caretaking responsibilities that this population needs.

Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers provides an alternative care option for adults with disabilities from families who cannot afford other care-taking services. Our services include medical and nursing services, physical therapy, exercise, social activities, health education and many more. Visit one of our many adult day care centers anytime to see if we are the right fit for your family.