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Activities for Disabled Seniors: The Best Video Games



Video games aren’t just for the young! Studies show video games can benefit those young at heart, too. It’s a good thing because you might be running out of elderly activity ideas and your senior family member may be burnt out on crossword puzzles and board games. Try switching it up during your next family game night by trying some video games as activities for disabled seniors.

Best Video Games for New Activities for Disabled Seniors

Clic Tiny Arcade

What’s better than one video game? If you answered even more video games, then you are correct. Clic Tiny Arcade is an online platform geared towards creating fun activities for the elderly. Each game can be played by merely utilizing the click of a mouse. For disabled senior family members with limited hand mobility, this is a fun and new way to spend down time. Many games require proper timing when clicking, so it can help improve cognitive function as well as hand-eye coordination.

Stack Tower

Stack Tower can be played online, on a tablet, or on a cell phone. The goal of the game is to stack blocks as straight and tall as possible without the tower falling over. This game requires quick decision making, which is a great attribute to have in activities for elderly with dementia. With this quick decision making within the game, disabled senior family members can, in turn, improve their decision-making skills in day to day life.

Wii Sports

When considering which games would make good activities for disabled seniors, find games that can be played alone and with multiple players. When you can play games with other family members, it becomes fun activities for the elderly. Game packages like these from Nintendo are also beneficial because different games exercise different parts of the body and mind. Think about it, you don’t always work out your arms when you go to the gym, do you? So why would you only exercise one part of your brain?

Shooter games

Elderly games and activities don’t have to be all, well, fun and games. In some studies, war and shooter games have improved eyesight in elderly family members. Next time you’re sitting down for a game of Call of Duty or Red Dead Redemption, consider how these can also be activities for disabled seniors.

We Offer a Variety of Activities for Disabled Seniors

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