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7 Celebrities Who Had Alzheimer's Disease


Alzheimer’s disease doesn’t discriminate when it takes its victims. Even if you’re a well-known star, you aren’t immune to the wrath of this memory disease. The celebrities who suffered from Alzheimer's dealt with the consequences the illness brought to their daily lives.

1 in 9 people, age 65 and older, are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. With over 5 million Americans of all ages living with Alzheimer’s, it is clearly a disease affecting all types of individuals. People young and old, famous and not ordinary, healthy and unhealthy, are at risk of developing Alzheimer’s in their lifetime. It is crucial for Brain Awareness Week to bring to light those who have suffered from the weakening mental issues brought on by Alzheimer’s.

7 Celebrities Who Suffered from Alzheimer's Disease

These famous people couldn't avoid this harmful disease even with their impressive resumes. They begin to experience the stages of dementia, and before they know it, their brain health has debilitated and the Alzheimer’s has taken over.

Famous people who had Alzheimer's and much more succumbed to the same disease affecting millions of Americans every year. When a loved one or family member receives the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, it is essential to find them the brain help and care they need as their disease progresses.

William Asher

Known for his work directing I Love Lucy and Bewitched, William Asher was a beloved television director in his time. He also directed episodes of The Twilight Zone and The Dukes of Hazzard. He died from complications related to Alzheimer’s at the age 90.

Ronald Reagan

The 40th president of the United States was struck with Alzheimer’s and died from complications at the age of 83. He served as president from 1981-89 but spent his life as a film actor before entering politics.

Charles Bronson

The star of Death Wish, The Great Escape, and many other incredible action films, Charles Bronson, spent the last years of his life suffering from Alzheimer’s. The disease debilitated him and passed away in 2003.

Rosa Parks

Best known for famously refusing to give up her seat on the bus, and sparking the civil right movement, Rosa Parks passed away from Alzheimer’s in 2005. She led a quiet life in her later years and even wrote an autobiography before being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

E.B White

Famous for writing Stuart Little and Charlotte’s Web, E.B. White was a well-known author and editor. He also contributed to The New Yorker throughout his life before eventually being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and dying in 1985.

Estelle Getty

Best known for her role as the sassy Sophia on the Golden Girls, Estelle Getty was a beloved actress in her day and after. She passed away from a disease called Lewy Body Dementia, which is slightly different from Alzheimer’s but causes similar symptoms.

Rita Hayworth

Another one of the celebrities who suffered from Alzheimer's is Rita Hayworth, who as a prominent American film star in the 1940s and became the face of the debilitating disease in the 1980s. She had been incorrectly diagnosed with the illness for many years and took it upon herself to bring awareness to the condition.

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