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Types of Adult Day Care Services


Adult day care services have become a popular alternative for taking care of our loved ones instead of sending them to nursing homes or paying outrageous prices for in-home care. There are different types and levels of adult day care, making these services specific to individual needs. So, those who need daily assistance and want to socialize but do not need constant medical supervision are able to attend an adult care program that is designed for them. The following are the three main types of adult day care.

- Social Adult Day Care – These services provide supervision and socializing opportunities but do not offer medical supervision. They are designed to help adults who need some assistance with daily living and want to socialize, but without the intrusive medical supervision that they do not need.

- Adult Day Healthcare – Programs that offer these services include medical supervision with a trained nursing staff. They often also include therapeutic services, like physical speech and occupational. Adults who attend these programs are given the medical attention they need throughout the day but are also able to socialize with others who they can relate to.

- Specialized Adult Day Care – these services are typically designated for specialized medical conditions that require constant supervision. For example, those who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s can attend a program like this during the day. People who suffer from this condition are able to socialize in a safe environment with trained medical supervision to prevent injury and behavioral challenges.

Nevada Adult Day Healthcare Centers specializes in adult day health care and social adult care. Our services include registered nurses on staff and medical services, as well as mobile dental services and any other medical care our participants may need. We also focus on therapy, specifically physical, speech and music, as well has health education.

However, we also offer our clients with a schedule of social and physical activates that they can participate in. Our participants are not only given the medical attention they need but are also given the social stimulation they are looking for. We plan and attend field trips every month, to give our participants a chance to get out of the center and experience the real world in a safe way. Our level of care for our participants is what makes us stand out above the rest, which is why we offer both medical and social adult day care services. Learn more about us at our website.