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Caregiver Myth: There's No Help Available for Caregivers

Caregivers often believe they are all alone when it comes to caring for their loved one. You never think if they get tired or ever need to take a break, as known as caregiver burnout. There is available support for caregivers to provide them with a break and guidance.

The Warning Signs of Alzheimer's to Look Out for

Alzheimer's comes in stages and it is helpful to know the warning signs of Alzheimer's to help you address the issue before it gets more severe. It is crucial for you to get the aid your elderly needs before the disease takes over their life.

These Games for Seniors are Perfect for a Game Night

Looking for activities to try with your elderly loved one? Plan a game night with these games for seniors. Consider some games for those days where there is nothing to watch or you want to go back to basics.

Your Guide to National Arthritis Awareness Month

May is National Arthritis Awareness Month, so we have your guide for the signs of arthritis to look for and how to help treat it. Arthritis sufferers go through so much to deal with their pain and often times don’t know exactly what else to do to get relief from it.

Caregiver Myth: There isn't Any Emotional Support for Caregivers

Emotional support for caregivers helps when you need to express your feelings and prevent harmful emotions from taking over.

Understanding Parkinson's Disease for National Parkinson's Awareness Month

April is National Parkinson's Awareness Month and we have your informational guide to understanding this disease. The theme for this year’s awareness is “Start a Conversation,” to ensure participants are bringing this disease to the forefront.

Preparing Activities for Your Senior or Disabled Loved One for the Spring

With the weather getting warmer, trying to prepare for outdoor social activities for your loved one takes extra preparation. We have some guidance for preparing for activities for a senior or disabled loved one.

Elderly Care Options That Still Protect Your Loved One’s Independence

Does your elderly loved one want to keep their independence but need a place for care? These care options for independent seniors help your loved one feel they are independent while getting the care they need.

7 Celebrities Who Had Alzheimer's Disease

They may be celebrities, but they aren't immune to Alzheimer's Disease. These are seven famous celebrities who suffered from Alzheimer's aren’t immune to the wrath of this memory disease.

Senior Adult Day Care: The Option When Assisted Living isn't Enough

If you are looking for a different option for your loved one other than assisted living, adult day care is the perfect alternative for care. Senior adult day care is the next best thing for your loved one who need access to everything they need to maintain their quality of life.