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Celebrate Good Times: The Importance of Social Activities for Seniors

Celebrations don’t stop after a certain age. Find out the importance of social activities for seniors, and give them something to look forward to.

How to Care for Your Veteran Loved One

Adult day health care for veterans is a way for a veteran to be cared for and can provide veteran caregivers skills to care for their veteran loved one.

Caregiver Myth: Caregivers Shouldn't Talk about Their Feelings

Emotional support for caregivers helps when you need to express your feelings and prevent harmful emotions from taking over.

Mindful Bliss: Can Meditation Have Benefits for Seniors?

Meditation for seniors can benefit their mind, body, and soul. Learn more about meditation techniques like gentle exercise and muscle relaxation.

Gentle Yoga: Yoga for Seniors

Even our elderly clients can do yoga! Discover yoga for seniors that can help your loved ones stretch out, relax, and reduce stress.

How Horticultural Therapy Can Help a Senior with Alzheimer's

Horticultural therapy can help seniors remember activities they used to do in the past. Learn more about gardening for Alzheimer patients.

Caregivers Myth: Caregivers Won’t Need Care

Caregiver self care is just as much a priority as the care of a disabled loved one. Learn the dangers of neglecting your own well being.

Understanding the Signs and Symptoms of Arthritis

Arthritis can cause permanent joint pain. Learn how to track your arthritis progress and prevent it from doing permanent harm.

Benefits of Annex Programs

Activities for the elderly have many social and emotional benefits, which shows how annex programs are beneficial to anyone in an adult care center.

Caregiving Myths: Caregiving is All Work

When society talks about assisting disabled and/or elderly family members, they often skip over the benefits of caregiving. Discover them here.