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Caregiver Myth: It's My Fault If My Parent's Health Declines

When you’re the primary caregiver, you may often blame yourself for your parent's decline in health. Read how to calm your caregiver anxiety.

Franklin D. Roosevelt: A Disabled American President

Find out more about what made Franklin D. Roosevelt a great President. Although he had a disability, he didn’t let it affect his greatness.

Music Therapy Helps the Elderly Stay on Beat

Dancing to the beat with music therapy may not just be keeping seniors active. It’s also a great alternative to traditional types of therapies.

Caregiver Myth: I’m a Bad Caregiver If I Consider Adult Day Care for My Parent

Are you experiencing guilt over putting a parent in adult day care? You’re not a bad caregiver if you need a little help. Learn more.

How to Live Fully with Disability and Dementia

Full lives with dementia are obtainable with the right care and attention. Find out how your elderly loved one can live with their dementia.

Scary Good Time: How to Celebrate Halloween with Your Elderly Loved One

Ready to have a scary good time with your elderly loved one? Here are four activities to celebrate Halloween with your elderly loved one.

Caregiver Myth: There’s No Education for Caregivers

Is caregiver education yet another caregiver myth? Discover the education offered to new or experienced caregivers for the caregiving help they need.

How to Provide Your Parent with the Right Elderly Care

If you don’t know what to look for in elderly care for your parent, we’ve got some tips. Here are the services you need to look for.

How to Tackle Elderly Hunger and Malnutrition

Are you struggling to get your elderly loved one to eat? Tackling elderly hunger and malnutrition is easier with the help of an adult day care meal service.

Caregiver Myth: I'm Not a Good Caregiver

Am I a good caregiver? While there isn’t a standard way of caregiving, this caregiver myth plagues many people on a mental and emotional level.