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Flex Your Brain Muscles with These Cognitive Exercises for Seniors

Shut the TV off tonight and exercise the brain muscles of your loved one and yours with these entertaining and impactful cognitive exercises for seniors. They will strengthen their memories and brain health.

Celebrate American Heart Month with These Heart Healthy Tips

American Heart Month is celebrated in February to bring awareness to heart diseases and other conditions affecting this vital muscular organ. Keep your ticker running for longer when you care for it with extra love during the romantic month.

Adult Daycare Myth: Everyone at an Adult Daycare Is Sick

Everyone has an impression of adult daycare as a place for those who are ill but they are for more than just elderly who need daily help.

Your Ultimate Eye Guide for Glaucoma Awareness Month

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month, and it is important to understand what glaucoma is and the signs and symptoms of this eye disease.

Caregiver Myth: Some People Are Just Better at Caregiving

Some people are natural caregivers, while others feel they are not the best at it. However, there are many different caregiving techniques.

These Speech Therapy Techniques Will Make You Gasp

Keep the conversation going by using these speech therapy techniques with your loved one. Make communication easier for both of you.

Care Options Your 18-Year-Old with Special Needs Will Enjoy

Are you in need of better care for your 18-year-old loved one with special needs? Discover four care options for special needs adults.

Your Guide to Understanding Sensory Therapy

A wide range of new therapies are helping seniors. We have your guide to understanding sensory therapy and how it helps seniors stay active.

Caregiver Myth: It's My Fault If My Parent's Health Declines

When you’re the primary caregiver, you may often blame yourself for your parent's decline in health. Read how to calm your caregiver anxiety.

Franklin D. Roosevelt: A Disabled American President

Find out more about what made Franklin D. Roosevelt a great President. Although he had a disability, he didn’t let it affect his greatness.